25 Tips to Get Your Patio Ready for Spring

Spring has arrived. As days get longer and temperatures warm up, it’s a great time to enjoy using your patio. Before you take out your furniture it’s a good idea to give your patio a thorough cleaning. That way, it’s easier to clean when you don’t have to avoid your furniture and it gives you a clean slate to set up for the season.

Not sure where to start? These 25 tips will help you spring clean your patio and get your outdoor space ready for relaxation.

Patio Spring Cleaning

Sweep and Dust

  • Sweep up dust, leaves and debris
  • Dust any hard to reach areas. This may include high shelves or ceiling fan blades.
  • Pull weeds or cut back any grass or overgrown bushes or trees that are intruding.
  • Clean the windows.
  • If you have any screens, check for wear and tear and patch any holes.
  • Check overhangs and eaves for spider webs, pests (dead or alive) and anything else that may have accumulated.
  • Check your gutters, if necessary have them cleaned.

Once you’ve cleaned your patio, give your dirt and debris free floors some attention.

Polish the Floors

  • If you have a stone, tile or concrete patio, give it a good scrubbing with a power washer, or use a stiff brush and a mix of bleach and water.
  • If you have a wooden patio floor, check the wood for any fading or warping due to water. Keep an eye out for termites, wasps and other pests as well. If necessary, take the time to stain or waterproof.
  • If you want your stone or tile patio floor to have a glossy “wet look” you can use a clear gloss sealer and apply with a paint roller.

Re treat patio with gloss and stain

Check and Maintain

Take advantage of the spring cleaning to check and maintain your:


  • Open up your patio umbrellas and check your open and close mechanism to ensure that everything is working. Then, brush them off and give them a good cleaning.

Grills and Fire Pits

  • Dump out any old coals from your charcoal grill or fire pit and give it a good soaking.
  • If you have a propane grill, check your lines to make sure all water is out (otherwise your grill won’t ignite) and check your tanks to make sure you have enough propane for the season.
  • Put a cover on your grill to keep it protected from condensation and rust.

Hot Tub

  • Give your hot tub a thorough cleaning from top to bottom and use a purging agent to get any dirt or residue out of your plumbing.
  • Fill and re-balance your water to make sure the chemistry is right. Using a pre-filter can help you to remove metals or sediment from the water.
  • Keep your hot tub covered when not in use. It will keep your tub cleaner and discourage pests from trying to use it as a watering hole.

Fountains and Water Elements

  • If you have an outdoor fountain, flush out the water lines and clean off any calcium stains.


  • Check for burnt out bulbs and replace. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may want to check the wiring.
  • If you’re using older bulbs, spring is a great time to get eco-friendly and replace them with more efficient LEDs.
  • Worried about security? Consider replacing or upgrading your existing outdoor lighting fixtures with fixtures that include motion sensors.

Bring Out Your Furniture

Once your patio is clean and your accessories are ready, it’s time to bring out the furniture.

  • Hopefully, you’ve kept it covered while in storage, but if not, give it a thorough cleaning. Hose it down, or use a favorite household cleaner to remove dust, checking for mold, mildew or rust.
  • If you have cushions, give them time to air out, or run a portable vacuum over them to get rid of dust, pollen or mold. You may want to throw fabric covers in the laundry. Always clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To keep them clean for next year, consider investing in a cushion storage bag.

You can also read more on our blog for ideas on cleaning your patio furniture.

Assess Your Future Needs

  • It’s a great time to start thinking about your décor. Look into new ways to freshen up the design of your patio, solutions don't have to be expensive.
  • Got new pieces of furniture or patio accessories since last year? Make sure they have a cover for when they’re not in use.

Give your patio a little extra time in the spring and you’ll be able to enjoy it all season long.

Then when it’s time to pack up, you’ll have the tools you need to be able to keep everything clean and ready for next year.

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