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Empire Gives - Fired Up For Learning

Homeland Park Primary School, Anderson, SC

Teacher: Mrs. Fowler, 1st Grade Teacher

Request: Procure Kindle Fires for the class to use during Math and Reading Centers and to develop technology skills.


For our next Empire Gives project, we chose to support Homeland Park Primary School, a Title I charter school in Anderson, South Carolina. After finding this project, we were inspired by the dedication Mrs. Fowler shows toward her students, so we wanted to assist her in her goal of providing educational tools that will help her students succeed. 


The Students

Mrs. Fowler is as passionate about her students as they are about learning. Unfortunately, her class does not have all of the resources they need to reach their full potential. Many of her students are auditory learners, who would greatly benefit from audio books and other educational software. Her students also love using technology but have very limited access to any. In a world that is run by technology, Mrs. Fowler believes that it is her responsibility as a teacher to expose her students to technology assisted learning.

Pictures of the students testing out their new Kindle tablets.

The Project

We were moved by Mrs. Fowler's passion and dedication toward her 1st Graders, so we decided to fully fund her project, allowing to provide her class with Kindle Fires. The class immediately put their new devices to use in their math and reading lessons and to play educational games on during their down time. Seeing the students have fun on their new tablets during their Math & Reading centers brought smiles to our faces. The appreciation and gratitude we received from the class was extremely heart-warming.

After receiving the tablets, Mrs. Fowler wrote back to us, saying,

"Dear, Thank you so much for donating the Kindle Fire tablets to my classroom! My students have loved being able to use them during reading centers. I have also allowed them to use them during fun centers on Fridays. They love being able to use this different type of technology in order to listen to different stories and play various math games on them. I can't thank you enough for donating these items to my first grade classroom. My students and I are forever grateful for your generosity and love! Thanks again so much!"    


We hope that this donation can continue to help facilitate learning for many future classes to come. We look forward to finding the next class of bright students that just need a helping hand. In the meantime, if you would like to help a class in need, visit to find projects across the country that need funding. 

Thank you notes sent into us written by Mr. Fowler's first graders.