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Empire Gives - Got Supplies?

Cook-Wissahickon, Philadelphia, PA

Teacher: Mrs. Maguire, 

Project: Supply students with school essentials that they have already run out of

The Students Mrs. Maguire works in a public school in the Philadelphia School District with a very diverse population. Her students come from many different home situations with a vast variety of backgrounds. Regardless of their home lives, the students come to school every day, eager to learn something new. Mrs. Maguire teaches math and science to exceptional fifth-grade students. They push her out of her comfort zone and make her want to be a better teacher. They had a lot of exciting activities and projects planned for the year, but needed help acquiring supplies.

The Project  This project will provide students with all of the everyday supplies they need. They were already running out of their supplies at the half way point of the year. When the students receive new supplies they get excited and interested in learning again. This is an amazing opportunity to reward the students for their hard work and show them how much we support their education and future. Through this project students will receive pencils, paper, classroom supplies and other resources that are used every day to create a successful and fun learning environment for each and every student. The students truly deserve and need these resources. 

After fully funding the project, Mrs. Maguire and her students sent us handmade thank you notes which we all enjoyed reading. You can read Mrs. Maguire's letter below and the students' notes in the images above. 

Dear Donor,

Thank you so very much for your generous donation to our classroom. Through this project we were given many basic supplies that we take for granted in our lives but could be the one item that makes learning possible for a student. We have students that go without at home or even in classrooms in the past. I try to provide my students with all the basic supplies they need in order to create a classroom they enjoy being in. Through this project students were provided tissues, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, printer paper, colored paper, and sharpened pencils. These items can often seem unimportant but they are extremely essential in a classroom and provide students with an excuse free classroom to do their work. For many students school was not a place they wanted to be in the past. Through the projects I have gotten funded this year, my students now look forward to coming to school everyday and have everything they need to be successful when they arrive. My students are showing amazing progress this year. They are all very grateful for the support that has been shown to them through donors choose projects. Thank you very much.