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Empire Gives - Brotherly Love
Empire Gives - Brotherly Love

Abram Jenks Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA
               Constitution High, Philadelphia, PA
               Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA
               Cayuga Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA
               Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Peduto, PreK - 2nd Grade Teacher
                Mr. Rogerson, 9th - 12th Grade Teacher
                Ms. L, PreK - 2nd Grade Teacher
                Ms. Danziger, 3rd - 5th Grade Teacher
                Ms. Rawling, 3rd - 5th Grade Teacher

Project: Help students and schools in Philadelphia by funding supplies that they need.

The Students

This time around for our Empire Gives initiative, we wanted to give back to schools and students in the local Philadelphia area. The students in all of the schools we donated to come from low-income households and do not have access to all of the resources and tools they need to be successful. Ms. Peduto’s students at Abram Jenks are energetic five-year olds who always come to school eager to learn. Mr. Rogerson, from Constitution High, is an athletics teacher whose students experience violence and negligence daily in their neighborhood, yet they come to school each day determined to succeed. Ms. L, from Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School, says her young students, “live in one of the poorest places in the world, but they don't know it because they are rich in the spirit of learning”. Ms. Danziger, from Cayuga Elementary, says her students are curious and excited about learning. About 1/3 of the students are English Language learners and they also have a very high number of Special Education students with unique needs. Despite their learning obstacles or financial difficulties, the students come to their elementary school ready to learn. Lastly, Ms. Rawling’s class from Woodrow Wilson Middle School is culturally diverse and living below the poverty line. They love to come to school virtually and are excited to learn, especially when they know participating in her class can be fun.

The Project 

Each school that we funded had different needs. The students from Abram Jenks Elementary School needed supplies to help learn math. The materials will be used both at home and in the school. The students are learning about numbers and how to count and subtract. The supplies will help teach and keep the students engaged, learning and having fun.

Constitution High was in need of equipment for their athletic teams, which were hit hard because of the pandemic. Right now, they are waiting for sports to return. To encourage student athletes to stay in good physical condition and to do their best, they needed access to new gym equipment.

Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School was in need of technology in the classroom in preparation for students returning back to the classroom. When the students began learning from home, the school gave away their Chromebooks to students so that they can learn online from home. However, they ran out and do not have enough for the classroom.

Cayuga Elementary students have adjusted, some better than others to the new normal of virtual learning. That being said, they are very limited, to using their Chromebooks. Some are prepared at home with a notebook and a pencil, but so many are not supplied with what is essential for a successful virtual learning experience. The students are in need of writing supplies which would increase their successful engagement and provide practical, yet needed tools to the dynamic learners.

Lastly, the class at Woodrow Wilson needs an Apple iPad, keyboard, and Apple Pencil so that Ms. Rawling can teach them without her old laptop shutting down in the middle of a classroom meeting. The advanced camera and microphone on the iPad would keep voices and faces crystal clear. The computer she currently used is not clear and lags constantly. Ms. Rawling wants to give her students the best education she can virtually but she feels like the technology she currently uses is hindering her and the class.

EmpireCovers decided to fully fund all of these schools to lend a helping hand to the teachers and students that are in need, right in our backyard. We know that the pandemic has been especially hard for schools, so we will continue to giveback to schools who are struggling due to the pandemic throughout the year.

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