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Empire Gives - Safe in School
Empire Gives - Safe in School

Sadlowski Elementary School, Chicago, IL

Ms. Townsend, 3rd & 4th  Grade Teacher

Project: Help students stay safe while returning to school in-person

The Students

Sadlowski Elementary has adopted the inclusive education setting. Their goal is to create a community where all students feel welcomed and valued. Ms. Townsend teaches 3rd and 4th grade math, a total of 4 homerooms. Within her classes every child is unique, which is why it is important for her to provide her students with opportunities to learn in a variety of ways to best support their social, emotional, and academic needs.

The Project 

This project will be used to keep students safe during in-person learning. The presence of desk shields will help to ease many student's and parents’ anxieties about returning to in-person learning. Desk shields are needed in order to make a comfortable and safe in-person learning environment. The desk shields will also allow for students to be able to have instructional conversations in the classroom. Ultimately, these desk shields can help protect students from being exposed to Covid-19.

EmpireCovers decided to fully fund Ms. Townsend’s project to help these students return to the classroom while remaining safe. We know that the pandemic has been especially hard for schools, so we will continue to give back to schools who are struggling due to the pandemic throughout the year.

If you would like to support a classroom near you, visit

New American Eagle Boat Covers - Made in the USA
New American Eagle Boat Covers - Made in the USA
EmpireCovers is excited to announce the launch of our American Eagle boat covers, a new product line that is made in the USA. The American Eagle boat covers are fully designed, sourced, and fabricated in our very own factory in Kentucky.