Empire Gives - Access The World Through Reading

 Purchase Line Junior High School, Commodore, PA

Teacher: Ms. Chichy, 6th - 8th Grade Teacher

Project: To help give students a series of great reading and learning opportunities that will not only allow them to become better readers but better citizens.

The Students Ms. Chichy's classroom has students with multiple ability levels. Since becoming their teacher, the kids have become increasingly aware of the world around them and are loving to learn. This year they have been working on developing their reading fluency and comprehension. They explore a multitude of texts- fiction, nonfiction, and environmental. Since growing as readers, they are becoming more excited about learning about current events, stories from near and far, and characters that they can relate to and learn from.

The Project  Ms. Chichy's request was for a number of books and magazines. These materials will make a huge impact on the students' learning. Not only will these books and magazines allow them to experience a text-rich environment, but the information provided by these texts will allow them to develop a sense of awareness in the world around them and become more confident and informed individuals. Lessons on current events, diverse literature, and exciting topics will provide an interest in learning and fuel life-long learners. Many times, the most rich literary experiences are reserved for students with the highest ability levels and students with different strengths and skill levels are overlooked. Ms. Chichy's goal is to provide such experiences to her students and encourage growth and love in words, self, and the world around them.

Ms. Chichy was excited to receive her texts and see how her students will grow as readers and critical thinkers. We loved seeing the pictures of her students nose deep in the texts we donated. We hope that all of her future classes will also take advantage of these new educational materials. If you would like to help out a classroom near you, visit DonorsChoose.org. 

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