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Holland Elementary School, Virginia Beach, VA

Teacher: Ms. Rowan, Pre-K - 2nd Grade Teacher

Project: Supply students with materials for coding and STEM activities.

The Students  The students attend a Title I school. They are all eager to learn and grow. Ms. Rowan's students are a very diverse group and are some of the sweetest kids she has ever met. They enjoy participating in hands-on, student-centered activities and are learning how to work well with one another in small groups. As an inclusive classroom, Ms. Rowan aims to supply a wide diversity of social, emotional, and cognitive needs in her classroom. She wants to provide the best learning environment possible for their eager minds to grow!

The Project  As our society moves further forward in our technological advances, more and more careers in STEM, such as coding, are growing every day. It is becoming ever more essential that students see these areas in the classroom and learn how the technology that runs our world works. The games Ms. Rowan requested will make learning coding so much more fun for the kids! These materials will help the students gain exposure to new fields from a young age, piquing their interest and growing their confidence. We could not pass up on the opportunity to help these children develop important computer skills. After fully funding the project, Ms. Rowan wrote back to us saying 

Dear EmpireCovers.com,

What a blessing these materials have been. Squeals of delight echoed down the hallways as we opened the boxes to reveal our new STEM activities!
The kids could not wait to dive right in. I have loved watching them work together to problem solve and create using these centers. They
look forward to our weekly STEM centers and have convinced me to incorporate them into our indoor recess time. Now rainy days are not so dreary during our recess block!
Hearing the discuss their strategies and help one another bring their ideas to fruition has been such a joy! Thank you for bringing the joy of learning through STEM to my kiddos!

With gratitude,
Ms. Rowan

If you are interested in helping students in a school near you, visit www.DonorsChoose.org.


Just one of the many thank you notes we received from the students.
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