Empire Gives - Let's Get Physical

 Highland Elementary School, Eunice, LA

Teacher: Mrs. Myers, 3rd - 5th Grade Teacher

Project: Give students the equipment they need to enjoy their Physical Education class.

The Students 

Many of the students come from impoverished families and lack the funds to purchase basic school supplies, much less extra supplies for art or other projects. That being said, they are the same as any other children. They are loving, inquisitive, and thrive on adventure. Mrs. Myers states that they love to learn, and her job is to make things fun and interesting for them. This year she started teaching PE to the 3rd and 4th graders, and she was excited that she would get to see more of the students. However, with her new position, she also noticed a lack of resources for the students. 


The Project 

This is the first year that Mrs. Myers will be teaching physical education at the elementary school. The school had no equipment and she wanted to give her students the best experience possible. Many of the students are talented athletes, but do not have the opportunity to play with a team. By being able to offer them sports at school, she will be able to teach them how important teamwork is, and maybe get more of them interested in team sports!

At EmpirCovers, we also recognize the importance of a physical education and the values that sports can teach them. So we fully funded Mrs. Myers' project and supplied her with an assortment of sports equipment for her PE class. We were happy to see the equipment immediately be put to good use by her students! After receiving her items, Mrs. Myers and her students were kind enough to send us letters thanking us for the donation. Mrs. Myers wrote:

Dear EmpireCovers.com,

My students were so excited to see the balls and jump ropes that we received! They are not used to having equipment to play with during PE/recess time. It was fun to show them how to use a jump rope. Of course, this teacher was out of breath demonstrating! Then, I explained how a soccer ball was used. Those little ones took off across the play ground kicking that ball all the way! Another time, several students wanted to learn how to use the badminton equipment. We put a twist on the game by using the rackets and waffle balls together. They still need a lot of practice coordinating those rackets and balls! Thanks again for putting smiles on their faces and getting them moving! Thank you so very much for helping to fund this project. My students will be so excited to have PE equipment that they can use each day. These balls and other equipment will help to ensure that our students get the maximum experience during their Physical Education class.

If you would like to help support a classroom in need, visit www.DonorsChoose.org to find a classroom near you to donate to. 

Just a few of the hand written thank you notes sent to us by the students.
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