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KIPP Columbus Elementary & Middle School, Columbus, OH
Ms. Mayer, 3rd - 5th Grade Teacher

Project: Help give students STEM kits for additional at home learning with virtual learning.

The Students

Ms. Mayer has the honor of teaching a wonderful group of 5th graders this year. Her school is currently 100% remote. All of the students receive free lunches and 90% are of color. They have a special education population of around 10%. The students use their curiosity and perseverance to accomplish goals and show their true spirit of seeking knowledge when given the right tools and a place to grow. A child who attends KIPP Columbus is four times more likely to graduate from college than their peers, and the school hopes to see that number continue to rise in the coming years.

The Project 

The students have been learning at home so far this school year, which can be very challenging for them. Many of them do not have resources at home to help foster the love of creativity and science. These different science and STEM kits would give the students the opportunity to continue their learning and love of science at home after school hours. The STEM kits include a microscope, a geode discovery kit, and more. The students need exciting and hands-on activities to keep their minds learning at home, and off of the uncertain world around them. STEM education is so important in today's society and unfortunately, many of the students are not participating in these types of activities at home. It is important for their mind and curiosity to continue to grow even at this time. The STEM kits will fill the gap in materials and creativity they are experiencing at this time.

After fully funding the project, Ms. Mayer wrote back to us saying, 

Dear EmpireCovers.com,

Thank you so much for your contribution! I am so excited to be able to share these STEM projects with my students at home and can't wait to see their faces light up when they get them! Thank you for believing in my students! Happy holidays to you and may the new year be filled with many blessings!

With gratitude,
Ms. Mayer

If you would like to support a classroom near you, visit www.donorschoose.org

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