Empire Gives - We Listen, We Read, We Speak!

School: Nicolaus Copernicus School 25, Jersey City, NJ

Teacher: Mrs. Flora, 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

Project: Get audio books that students can utilize in their listening center to assist with language learning.

The Students

The first and second grade students in Mrs. Flora's class are always eager to learn. Everyday they greet her and ask, "Are you taking me today?" hoping that they will be chosen for the small group lesson of that day. Although they face many challenges both in and out of school, their desire to learn is inspiring. Most of the students come from immigrant families that do not speak English at home very often, so Mrs. Flora goes above and beyond to make sure her kids get the help that they need to develop their reading and writing skills. Working in small groups allows Mrs. Flora to give each student the attention and care they need in helping them become successful readers and writers.

The Project

Mrs. Flora believes in using a mix of both visual and auditory learning to expose her students to the full spectrum of the English language. In their small group lessons, students are introduced to new grammar concepts. Reading books in a group setting helps students visualize and understand new words and their meanings. In order to help students integrate these words into their vocabulary, they must also be able to connect the auditory uses of these words to everyday contexts. This is why Mrs. Flora wanted to raise funds to purchase audio books and CDs for her students to use during their reading lessons. 

After seeing the project on DonorsChoose.org and reading about the students, we decided to fully fund the project to provide her class with multiple audio book kits that come in a variety of different reading levels. Some titles included in these reading kits were Ask Mr. BearThe Doorbell Rang, The Cat in the Hat, along with many others. We were happy to see pictures of the students having fun while reading and listening to their new books, and their thank you notes were very endearing. With Back to School week starting, many teachers are looking for a helping hand to acquire the resources they need to help their students. You can help support projects like Mrs. Flora's and others across the country over at DonorsChoose.org


Thank you notes the students sent in to us after receiving their audio books.
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