EmpireCovers 2022 Halloween Cover Contest

Trick-or-Treaters aren’t the only one’s that got dressed up this year!

This year at EmpireCovers we brought back our Halloween Cover Contest! For the contest we challenged local schools in the Philly area to compete against each other in one of the Halloween seasons oldest traditions – dressing up! However, it wasn't children getting dressed in costumes but cars instead. Participating students were encouraged to use their wildest imagination to paint and decorate their own Halloween designs onto individual car covers. Schools participating in this year's contest include Woodrow Wilson, KCAPA, Haverford Middle School, Tanner Duckrey School, Vare-Washington School and Thomas Holme Elementary School.

Each school has submitted photos of their spooky masterpieces for the public to vote on. This year we receved close to 30,000 votes in total! The winning school with over 8k votes is.... Tanner Duckrey! The students put together a creative carpool monster themed design. 

In 2nd place, winning $500, is KCAPA! The students created a Halloween-themed day at the beach using their car cover. 

In 3rd, winning $250, is Woodrow Wilson! Their students decorated their cover with iconic Halloween characters and imagery. 

The other participating schools also did an amazing job with their covers and did a compendable job with racking in votes. You can view the entries of Thomas Holme, Vare-Washington, and Haverford Middle School below. You can also view all entries on the contest page: https://www.empirecovers.com/holiday-contest

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