Cool Mask Designs Contest - Enter & Win $1000 | EmpireCovers

Cool Mask Designs Contest - Enter & Win $1000 | EmpireCovers

Winner Update

Empire Covers is excited to announce that Julian McCleary, singer, entertainer, and Las Vegas native, is the winner of the Show Us Your Mask-terpiece contest!

The voting period is over and we have tallied nearly 1,400 votes on your favorite entries in this contest. We couldn't be happier with your positive response and truly appreciate everyone who submitted their creative work. It was so much fun it was to see everyone’s fun, wacky, and delightful creations.

In the end, McCleary’s Lilo and Stitch-themed mask garnered a whopping 57% of the vote, making him the uncontested winner. And with the amount of passion he has for mask-making, it’s not hard to see why.

McCleary began his mask-making journey on March 1, 2020, when he was unable to find commercial disposable masks to travel for a entertainment gig on a cruise. That’s when he and his husband decided to create their own. They already had a sewing machine, basic knowhow, and a need to fill. Eventually, this hobby morphed into their small business, BAD JUJU MASK, where they create customized, unique, and attention-grabbing masks for customers.

The idea for the winning Stitch mask was actually a fan request. It started when he made an Oogie Boogie mask from The Nightmare Before Christmas that went viral on Tik Tok. That’s when users started clamoring for the titular blue alien from Lilo and Stitch.

“The next day I went to McDonald’s to grab some lunch, and the employee at the drive-through recognized my mask from Tiktok and also suggested I make a Stitch mask with ears attached,” said McCleary. He made one for himself and another for the fast food employee, gaining a friend that day as well as the winning Mask-terpiece in our contest!

We would like to congratulate McCleary once more for winning the grand prize and deeply thank everyone who took the time to submit their own Mask-terpiece. We sincerely believe that each one has made this global crisis a little bit brighter. 

As for McCleary’s $1,000, he plans to invest back into his mask company and buy a new sublimation printer. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes him next!


Thank you to everyone that entered! All told we received over 125 entries and our team loved looking at all the different masks people have made this year, including masks that were funny, artistic, unique, and just about everything in between. We truly appreciate the passion and personality that everyone put on display with their submissions. 


Having reviewed every entry, our team has narrowed our list of finalists down to 25, and now we want to let the public decide who our ultimate winner will be! From now until April 2 people will be able to review our finalists and vote for their favorite mask using this form:   

Good luck to all our finalists, and keep an eye on this space on April 5 to see who our winner is!

We’ve already taught you
how to turn your car cover into a face mask, now we want to see how you’ve customized those coverings to display your unique style! The COVID-19 pandemic has been long, and while the rollout of vaccines gives us hope for an end to the crisis, there are still months to go before the vaccine is fully effective in the population. 

In the meantime, masks are still going to be a way of life for most when out in public. Over the course of this year, we’ve all learned more than we ever thought we would about how masks work and contain the spread of disease, and our personal face mask collections have grown bigger than we ever could have imagined.  

One way that some people have adjusted to this reality is to design or buy masks that help show off their personality or interests to the world. Colorful designs, meaningful phrases, special pictures, sports team logos, and more have all found their way to the facemasks people around the country (and around the world) wear in public day after day. 

Here at EmpireCovers, we want to spotlight and reward those who have taken the time to find a silver lining in this situation by brightening up their own world and the worlds of those around them with their face masks! We are asking people to submit photos of themselves wearing their fun or unique face mask, and we will then allow visitors to our site to vote on their favorite! 

At the conclusion of the contest, the person with the most votes will receive a $1,000 cash prize from EmpireCovers, with a matching donation going to the Barstool Fund to help fund their efforts at supporting small businesses that are struggling due to COVID. 

To enter, please fill out the form below and upload a picture of your mask! By March 17, our team will select up to 50 finalists and create a page where users can vote on which mask is their favorite. Voting will take place from March 18 to April 2, with a winner being officially declared on April 5. If you think your “mask-terpiece” has what it takes to take the top prize, be sure to enter today!  

The submission and voting dates are as follows:

  • Contest entry deadline: March 17
  • Voting period: March 18-April 2
  • Winner announcement: April 5



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