How to Select the Best Car Cover by Region

Looking for a car cover? You’ve probably measured your car, figured out a budget, determined where you plan to keep it and are ready to place your order. But have you taken where you live into account? Day to day factors in your region like climate, UV-exposure, the kinds of trees and flowers and population density in your area can impact your decision.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a helpful guide to knowing what to look for in a cover based on the region where you live.

Region # 1 – Southeast U.S.


The American South offers warm weather year round, a slower pace, theme parks and history. It also offers hot, humid weather, mud and dirt, seasonal hurricanes and plenty of flowers and trees.

In places with high humidity, you need a cover that is fully waterproof and also has excellent UV protection. You’ll also want a cover that allows for air to flow. This keeps condensation from accumulating which helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew and rust. Look for covers with breathable material or with air-vents built-in.

Southest U.S. Region for Car Covers

Recommended Cover: Titan 5L

Region #2 – Southwest U.S.

STATES: Southern CA, TX, UT, AZ

The American southwest offers spectacular vistas and summertime weather all year long. It also offers high temperatures, intense UV-radiation from long periods of sunshine (and lack of shade). It also brings dust storms and the occasional flash flood.

In hot and dry areas, you want a cover that is designed to be UV-resistant and durable to protect against dust, grit and debris. Look for covers that are breathable and lighter in color. This will help keep your car cool when the temperature rises. However, don’t assume that you don’t need a cover that is waterproof or water-resistant, a sudden rainstorm can dump a lot of rain on your car with no warning. If your cover isn’t waterproof, the rain can seep through and stay in place until you remove the cover.

Southwest U.S. Region for Car Covers

Recommended Cover: Titan 4L

Region #3 – Pacific Northwest

STATES: Northern CA, ID, OR

The Pacific Northwest offers lush forests, mountain ranges, hiking trails and ocean vistas. It also offers over 100” of rain every year.

In areas where rain is more of a regular feature and the sun shows itself less frequently, you’ll want a cover that is specially treated to keep water off and has watertight seams to prevent water from pooling or leaking through.

Recommended Cover: Titan 5L

Region #4 – Plains States/Midwest


The plains states are known for wide open spaces, and miles and miles of open roads. They are also susceptible to cold weather and powerful windstorms. Blizzards and frequent snowstorms are also common which means more plowing and road salt, which can quickly eat away at your car, if left unprotected.

In cold and windy states, look for covers that have water and ice protection and are also designed to stay in place.  This may include heavier materials, rip-stop fabrics that can stand up to high winds and straps and buckles that can secure your cover against windy conditions.

Midwest, Plains States Car Covers

Recommended Cover: American Armor

Region #5 – Northeast U.S./New England/ Mid-Atlantic


Generally a more temperate region, the Northeast has a mix of weather. What it also has are trees with leaves and sticky sap, flowers, high pollen counts, bird droppings and other environmental pollutants that can eat at your car’s finish. If you live near the Atlantic Ocean, salty breezes can also accelerate rust. To keep your car clean, look for a cover with a hydrophobic coating make it easy to rinse off your cover and keeps pollutants from sticking.

Recommended Cover: Titan 5L

Other Concerns

Where Do I Store My Car?

All of the suggestions above assume that you’re storing your car outdoors for most of the year. But what if you keep your car indoors? Even when stored indoors, your car can be affected by dust, grit and other liquids. Also, sunlight from a single window can fade your car over time.

If you keep your car indoors and occasionally need to store it inside, the Indoor Basic Cover provides great indoor protection and enough waterproofing and durability to protect your car for short periods of outdoor storage.

For those who truly treasure their car, and would never allow it to site outside, the Indoor Luxury Cover may be a better bet. With soft elastic fabric that contours to your car, it keeps dust spills and sun away without threatening your finish.

How Often Do I Need To Cover My Car?

If you leave your car covered for extended periods of time, a heavier cover will work. However, if you remove your cover on a daily or weekly basis, a lighter cover is probably the best bet. Look for covers that protect, but are made from lightweight materials that can fold up for easy storage.

What Kind Of Finish Do I Have On My Car?

If your car is a collector’s item, or you’re simply concerned about protecting your paint and finish, look for a cover with a softer fleece-like lining. This will help prevent scratching.

Is Theft Protection A Concern?

If you live in a city, chances are that you park your car in a public garage or in a high-traffic area. If yes, you’re at an increased risk for theft or vandalism. The good news? Your cover can serve as an additional theft-deterrent. Car thieves are often on the lookout for specific car makes and models, they also want to be able to get in and out quickly. Putting a cover on your car will make prospective thieves think twice before breaking into your car.

Using a cover that doesn’t tear easily, but also has built-in, re-enforced grommets. This provides an excellent anchor point that can accommodate a cable and lock.

Knowing how your region can affect your car cover buying needs will help you to select a cover that will protect and also last, regardless of where you live.

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