American Eagle Boat Covers

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Manufactured in Henderson Kentucky
Offering 12 and 6 year warranties
Heavy-Duty Protection
Strap and Buckle System + Elastic Hemming for a Perfect Fit
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American Eagle Admiral Boat Covers

Waterproof and UV Resistant
12 Year Warranty
Fade Resistant Color
  • Made in Henderson Kentucky
  • UV Treated to protect from harmful rays
  • Heavy-Duty Marine Grade Polyester
  • Breathable material to prevent mold and mildew
  • Solution dyed to resist color fade
  • Taped seams for superior waterproofing

American Eagle Navigator Boat Cover

Waterproof and UV Resistant
6 Year Warranty
Fade Resistant Color
  • Made in Henderson Kentucky
  • Lightweight Marine Grade Polyester
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Taped seams block water from getting through
  • Breathable to prevent the growth of mold and mildew
  • Top and bottom strap and buckle system for trailering

Our "American Eagle" Boat Covers are proudly made in the USA

Designed, fabricated, and assembled in our very own factory in Kentucky, our made in USA boat covers are carefully crafted to protect your boat against any weather condition. Our Marine grade polyester ensures your boat stays dry while also being breathable to prohibit mold and mildew build up. An integrated top and bottom strap and buckle system is included for secure trailering to protect your boat on the go. The elastic hem provides a snug fit and security. The taped seams ensure superior durability and a completely watertight seal. American made boat covers for extreme durability and protection.

Comes in 3 bold colors
Charcoal Gray
Royal Blue
Hunter Green
American Eagle Boat Cover product features
Marine Grade Polyester
The American Eagle boat covers are constructed from a durable, American-made, marine grade polyester that provides long lasting all-weather protection for your boat.
Buckle and Strap System
The buckle and strap system helps tighten the cover to your boat so you can trailer safely and securely.
Taped Seams + UV Treated
Taped seams are the best way to ensure your boat is shielded from, rain, snow, leaves and more. The UV treatments protects your boat from harmful rays.
Breathable Material
The American Eagle fabric is made from a breathable material. Built-in air vents are also included to provide air circulation and help prevent mold and mildew build up.