New American Eagle Boat Covers - Made in the USA

New American Eagle Boat Covers - Made in the USA


EmpireCovers is excited to announce the launch of our American Eagle boat covers, a new product line that is made in the USA. The American Eagle boat covers are fully designed, sourced, and fabricated in our very own factory in Kentucky.

“Our customers have been requesting USA made boat covers,” said Jake Goldblum, CEO of EmpireCovers. “So we have been focusing our efforts on investing more in American made products and creating local manufacturing jobs. Not only is the product quality higher, but so is customer satisfaction knowing American workers were involved in every step of production”. We plan on continuing this initiative and expanding into other product lines to be made in Kentucky in the future.

The American Eagle boat covers are carefully crafted to protect your boat against any weather condition. The semi-custom design allows the covers to fit a wide range of boat types and sizes, making it a premium, yet affordable option to many boat owners. The covers are available in 4 different colors – charcoal grey, hunter green, royal blue, and red.

American Eagle Boat Cover - Hunter Green

The American Eagle Admiral Boat Cover is made from a waterproof, heavy-duty, marine grade fabric that will protect your boat from all weather conditions. The fabric is solution dyed, resulting in vibrant colors that are resistant to fading so the cover will look new season after season.

The American Eagle product line features heat taped seams, making the covers highly resistant to any water leaks. Built-in vents make the cover breathable and prevent the growth of mold and mildew when the boat is covered. A built-in elastic hem gives the cover a snug fit, and an integrated top and bottom strap and buckle system allow for secure trailering to protect your boat on the go.

The new fabric for the American Eagle line of boat covers was tested by an independent third-party and proved to be superior to other boat cover fabrics. The test results showed the covers:

  • Are highly resistant to fading from UV light
  • Outperform other fabrics in ASTM D5034
  • Score higher in water repellency than similar cover fabrics
  • Have nearly 200% better hydrostatic resistance compared to competitor covers

The American Eagle Boat Covers are available for purchase now:

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