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Premier Ripstop Class A RV Covers
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Lightweight & Durable
5 Year Warranty
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Measuring Info

To determine which size you need, please measure the complete length from the front bumper straight back to the rear of the RV. Be sure to include any spare tires or ladders in this measurement. For complete height measure from the base of the RV to the top of the roof (exclude all AC units, vents, satellites, etc).

RV class a measuring diagram
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Janey Vermaat
Perfect Fit!

"We are so happy with our RV cover. It fits perfect, right down to the tires and enough straps to tie down."

Chuck Secord
23ft Class C

"23ft Class C Motorhome with EmpireCovers. Love the products!"

Bob Messier
Fit like a glove!

"This cover is great, easy to put on and easy to get into the RV if needed! The RV is a 30', fit like a glove!"

Shelenea in VA
Premier Toy Hauler / Travel Trailer Cover Fits 26 to 29 ft Long

"Product arrived promptly, fit perfectly and 2 months into the windy, winter season has upheld to the wether conditions. Amazing price, great quality and we highly recommend this company and their products."

Frank in CA
Keystone Toy Hauler Covers

"Nice fit, easy to put on. Great price for what you get. Lots of nice details on the cover with zipper and straps."


RV Covers Product Reviews

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Overall Rating:
778 reviews
Verified Buyer -
2/2/2024 by Cheryl H. (United States) reviewing Premier Toy Hauler / Travel Trailer Covers
Great product
Verified Buyer -
2/2/2024 by Robert P. (NC,United States) reviewing Premier Class C RV Covers
Great products but needs reinforcement
Protects the unit from the sun. The diagonal pieces need extra stitching to hold during wind events
Verified Buyer -
1/26/2024 by Mike G. (CA,United States) reviewing Premier Toy Hauler / Travel Trailer Covers
Cover fit well Looks very durable
Verified Buyer -
1/20/2024 by Kayla R. (Colorado,United States) reviewing Premier Class B RV Cover
Looks Good
I have not yet put this on because it's so windy in the winter it would rip in half. Seems like a great cover and looking forward to using ir
Verified Buyer -
1/16/2024 by Joseph D. (IN,United States) reviewing Premier Class C RV Covers
This cover was exactly as described. It was easy to install and seems to be a durable material. I'm interested to see how long the cover lasts but it's been great thus far.

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RV Covers Buying Guide

Why Purchase an RV Cover?

Properly storing your RV during the winter or off-season months is critical, especially if your RV will be stored outside. Rain, snow, wind, sun, bird droppings, dirt and other debris can be a heavy burden on your RV and a costly fix. A winter RV cover is the most cost effective way to ensure that your mobile home stays in the best possible shape, so it will be ready to use the next time you want to take a road trip. Our RV covers offer superior, long lasting weather protection and are backed by manufacturer warranties, so you can be sure you RV will remain protected year after year.

What Separates Our RV Covers From Others?

All of our RV covers are made from durable materials that are lightweight, yet strong enough to stand up to Mother Nature. We also design our covers to be as efficient as possible, to ensure that your RV receives the best protection on the market.

Each of our RV covers includes four very important features:

  • Reinforced corners to prevent tears and rips.
  • Cinching system to ensure a tight and snug fit on your RV.
  • Straps and buckles, or a rope system so that the cover remains secure during heavy winds and intense weather conditions.
  • Zippered panels that provide easy cargo access while the RV is covered

Measure twice, order once! Please be certain of the length, height, and width before placing your order. Any return or exchange on these items will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. You can read our full return policy here.

Selecting the Proper Style and Size

The first step in purchasing an RV cover is to select the proper style and size of your RV. We offer covers that are sized to fit 8 unique classes of RVs: Class A, Class B, Class C, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Truck Campers, Folding Campers and Toy Haulers.

If you are unsure of your style RV please compare your RV to the class images we have provided above, or call one of our cover experts at 888.872.6855 for further assistance.

Please Note: All of our RV covers will accommodate ladders, vents, AC units, satellites, etc.

Select Your RV Cover Material

Our RV covers are available in three unique materials:

ProTECHtor RV Covers: Our ProTECHtor covers are made from a triple layer water resistant spunbonded Polypropylene. This cover will protect against sun, dirt and dust. This cover is light weight, making it easier to handle. This material is ideal for short-term outdoor storage and long-term indoor storage.

Premier RV Covers: Our Premier covers provide heavy duty protection for your RV. This cover is made from a 300 Denier Polyester. This material has an added DWR (Durable Water Repellant) coating, making it 100% waterproof. All of our Premier RV covers are manufactured with taped seams for added moisture protection and durability. This material is perfect for outdoor storage and provides all-weather protection.

Premier Ripstop RV Covers: Our Premier Ripstop RV Cover is made of a lightweight 200 Denier Ripstop fabric. The Premier Ripstop is our premium RV cover and will provide long lasting all-weather protection for your RV. Constructed from a durable ripstop material, this cover is tear-resistant to keep your cover from ripping. This cover is also 100% waterproof and UV resistant to protect your RV against rain, snow, sun, dirt, dust, and more.

If you have any questions regarding these materials please call us so you can be sure your RV will be properly protected.



What are RV covers and why are they important?

RV covers are protective covers designed to protect your recreational vehicle from the elements, such as rain, snow, sun, and dirt. They are important because they help to prolong the life of your RV by protecting it from the wear and tear caused by exposure to the elements.

Can I use a regular tarp as an RV cover?

While a regular tarp may be able to provide some protection for your RV, it is not recommended as it will not have the same level of durability or weather resistance as a specifically designed RV cover.


How do I measure my RV for a cover?

To measure your RV for a cover, you will need to measure the length, width, and height of your RV. It is also important to measure any protrusions, such as air conditioning units or antennas, to ensure a proper fit.


How do I know which size RV cover to purchase?

The size of the RV cover you need will depend on the measurements of your RV. Be sure to measure your RV and compare it to the size of the cover you are considering.


Can I use an RV cover on a motorhome or just a travel trailer?

RV covers can be used on both motorhomes and travel trailers, as well as truck campers, folding campers and more.


How do I properly install an RV cover?

Close all windows, sunroofs, vents & retract all pop-outs. Tape up or cover any sharp edges on your RV that could wear against the cover material. Remove or detach any roof antennas. Make sure the levels on your RV are down so the RV is stable.


For smaller size RVs, a ladder may be used instead of climbing on your roof, but most class A size covers will be easier to install on the roof. Carefully climb up on the roof and have a friend hand you the cover in its storage bag. Unpack the cover at the center of your RV and carefully unroll the front and back of the cover down the length of your RV.


Drop the front of your cover over the front of your RV, and then slowly and carefully move toward the back of your RV, spreading the cover and allowing the sides to drop down the sides of your RV. Your helper can pull the cover down and adjust the positioning of the cover.


Climb down the rear ladder and pull the rear end of the cover with you as you descend carefully.

Zip all the panels closed on your cover, and then pull the elasticized corners down over both bumpers of your RV.

Adjust the strap length on the front and rear adjustment straps of the covers and then insert the clips into the buckle to form an “X” shape. Be sure not to over-tighten, they should be snug, but not restrictively tight. Class B & Folding Campers do not have front/rear cinching straps.


Secure the bottom straps and buckles. Toss the straps underneath and clip to buckle on the other side of the cover. 


Do not over-tighten. Class A, B, C & Travel Trailers have straps and buckles along the bottom of the RV cover. Folding Campers, Toy Haulers, Travel Trailers, & 5th Wheel Campers have D rings and rope instead.

Can I use an RV cover while traveling on the road?

Absolutely not. An RV cover should not be used while traveling on the road as it can cause damage to the cover and create a safety hazard.


How do I clean and maintain an RV cover?

We suggest you hand wash your cover. Install the cover on your vehicle before washing. Clean lightly with a sponge using a diluted solution of cold or warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow the cover to dry on the vehicle. If you choose to wash in a machine, we suggest a front load double/triple commercial washer. Use cold water with 1/4 cup of mild laundry detergent. Make sure the cover is rinsed thoroughly and then placed on the vehicle to allow it to fully dry. NEVER PLACE YOUR COVER IN A DRYER.

How long do RV covers typically last?

The lifespan of an RV cover will depend on the quality of the cover and the level of care and maintenance it receives. A well-maintained high quality cover can last for many years.


Can I use an RV cover in the winter?

Yes, RV covers can be used in the winter to protect your RV from snow and ice.


Are RV covers water resistant or waterproof?

The level of water resistance varies by quality of material used to make cover.


Can I use an RV cover in the wind?

RV covers are designed to withstand wind, but it is important to ensure that the cover is properly secured to prevent it from blowing away.


Can I use an RV cover on a rooftop RV?

Yes, RV covers are available that are specifically designed for use on rooftop RVs.