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When you select your Cadillac year and model, we match you up with the best fitting cover size we have available to make it easy. There is no need to measure, we have done that for you! Our car covers come in a variety of materials to suit nearly any vehicle's protection needs, whether you need protection from dust indoors, hot sun and wind, or rain and snow. Pamper your Cadillac with a car cover from!

How Cadillac Came to Represent Top Quality

Cadillac began as a standalone brand in 1902 and was founded by Henry Leland. General Motors purchased Cadillac in 1909, and it stands as one of the longest running cars made by the company. It did not take long for the Cadillac to become the premier car. Only six years after the first Cadillac was made, the company had set the standard among manufacturers.

You've probably heard the phrase, "it's the Cadillac of..." referring to a product or company at the top of its industry. So just how did Cadillac become such a high quality automobile to receive such classification? Since the first Cadillac was made in 1902, quality, performance, and ensuring that an automobile could function at the highest of capabilities was the number one goal.

Cadillac was the first to produce many innovative components in automobiles, such as electrical systems, manual transmission and the steel roof found on most modern cars. The company didn't stop there. They produced three engines, one that even set the standard for the American automotive industry. This engine would be the V8 engine, which allowed cars to reach speeds of as much as 65 mph.

Cadillac's cars have always been known as some of the best in the world. Driving a Cadillac implements power and success, the who's who amongst people. The automobiles feature a designer bodywork complete with all the luxuries and accessories. Even now Cadillac does not disappoint, releasing newer and better cars with each year, all complete with the quality standards only found in a Cadillac.

Cadillac received the honors of becoming the best by being the best. When someone refers to a car or other object as The Cadillac know that they are speaking of something with the best of everything-just like the Cadillac.