Top Super Bowl Car Commercials of the Decade

One of the best parts of the Super Bowl is undoubtedly the commercials. So to celebrate the start of a new decade and the upcoming 54th Super Bowl, we've compiled our list of the best car commercials from each Super Bowl over the last decade. Take a look at our top picks below.

2010: Volkswagen - 'Punch Dub'

'Punch Dub' was aired in the third quarter of the Super Bowl XLIV, with a cameo appearances by Tracy Morgan and Stevie Wonder. Volkswagen has fun with the ad, taking inspiration from the classic game that kids used to play back in the original Beetle’s heyday called “Punch Buggy”.

2011: Volkswagen - 'The Force'

Volkswagen takes the top spot again with one of their most memorable commercials, 'The Force'. The ad features a kid ambling about his house dressed as Darth Vader while attempting to use the force on everything from the family dog to the new Passat sitting in the driveway. This wholesome commercial still remains to be one of the top watched Super Bowl commercials of all time.

2012: Chevrolet - 'Mayan Apocalypse'

The 2012 spot goes to Chevy with their 'Mayan Apocalypse' commercial. The ad takes inspiration from the 'End of the World' fad that ran rampant in 2012 due to the Mayan calendar ending. Chevy shows just how tough their trucks are by putting them through the apocalypse.

2013: Audi - 'Prom'

Audi takes a storytelling approach in their 2013 commercial, 'Prom'. The ad tells the story of a boy who has to face his worst fear, going to his senior prom alone. However, when his sympathetic dad lends him the keys to a shiny black Audi S6, his confidence blooms which leads to an impassioned kiss with the prom queen... and black eye, courtesy of the prom king.

2014: Jaguar - 'Rendezvous'

Jaguar takes inspiration from British spy movies with this 2014 hit. The star studded cast features Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong.

2015: Dodge - 'Wisdom'

Dodge's ad, “Wisdom”, is a partial celebration of the company turning 100. In this commercial, the company has rounded up a group of people who are 96 years old and older to offer up a few words of wisdom.

2016: Hyundai - 'First Date'

Hyundai enlists the help of Kevin Hart for this comedic spot. In this commercial, Hart lends his Hyundai Genesis - equipped with a GPS tracker - to his daughter’s date so that the couple’s whereabouts can be tracked throughout the night.

2017: Buick - 'Not So Pee Wee Football'

Buick’s 2017 commercial, 'Not So Pee Wee Football', features NFL player Cam Newton, supermodel Miranda Kerr, and well-earned laughs. The ad is meant to change people's perceptions on Buick vehicles by showing off their newest models and having character's ask, "That's a Buick?", in disbelief.

2018: Toyota - 'Good Odds'

Toyota's 2018 spot, 'Good Odds', shows the heart-touching story of Lauren Woolstencroft, an eight-time Paralympic gold medallist born without legs below the knee and no left arm below the elbow. The commercial does not feature any vehicles, but it definitely provides viewers with plenty of inspiration.

2019: Hyundai - 'Elevator'

Last year's top pick goes to Hyundai's 'Elevator' commercial. The commercial features Jason Bateman as an elevator attendant, taking the passengers to a number of different floors for things such as root canals, jury duty, and more until they are brought to the top floor to buy a Hyundai. The commercial highlights Hyundai's Shopper Assurance program, which the company says makes car buying more convenient and more pleasant.

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