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Aqua Armor Boat Cover
One of the best heavy duty boat covers for winter weather is the Aqua Armor boat cover. This cover fully protects your boat with 1200 Denier Polyester construction. It's 100% waterproof, which means it provides a complete barrier to water. It's not just water-resistant. Vents in the cover design also provide air circulation, which keeps mildew and musty odors from forming inside. Reinforced waterproof seams offer added durability, and a strong shock cord hem creates a secure fit. This cover fully protects from sun, heat, driving rain and heavy snow.
  • Heavy-Duty 1200 Denier Polyester
  • 100% Waterproof and UV Protection
  • Reinforced Waterproof Seams
  • Top and Bottom Straps and Buckle System for Secure Trailering
  • Quality Tested by Independent Third Party

Whether you’re storing a hard top boat, pontoon boat, or bass boat, EmpireCovers has the best selection of winter boat covers for sale to keep your boat protected until it’s ready to hit the waves again.

Winter weather can be very damaging to your boat if it's stored outside. Rain, sleet, ice and snow can damage your finish and other parts. Not only that, but snow reflects a majority of the sun’s UV rays which means a higher risk of fading and sun damage. Even if you store your boat indoors - dirt, dust, and grime can build up on your boat’s interior and equipment. Winter boat covers can prevent many of these unfortunate happenings by protecting your boat from damaging winter weather and keeping snow and water out.
Empire Covers has a wide range of boat covers for winter to get you through the harsh conditions of the season. With superior all-weather protection, our durable covers will keep your boat in ship-shape during the off-season. Our marine-grade fabric is 100% waterproof and vented, keeping moisture out of your boat. We offer covers that fit a variety of boat types and sizes, and several cover options.
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Vicki in CA
Red-Fin Boats - Silver Fin Boat Cover 14 ft. to 16 ft.

"This is a great cover was just as described by the vendor and keeps all dirt and sun off of our boat!"

Andy in MO
Eagle Pacific - Ripstop Boat Cover 17 ft to 19 ft - Gray

"I had the 1200 cover on my previous boat. I was a bit apprehensive about spending the extra money for the better cover. Best money I have spent yet. I've recommended it to many others. I'm going to contact you soon you about promoting Empire at Missouri BASS State Tournament"

Gerald in NY
Rinker Boat - QX MODEL SERIES 17QX 17 ft

"After having my boat covered with tarps, I felt that it was time to get a real cover. I kept coming back to your site, with the great price and with a warranty. It looks great and fits like a glove. I have had many people tell me how nice it looks. Again, great price and quality product."

KG in SC
Survived a hurricane!

"I bought this for my 2016 Yamaha FSH Sport. I was happy with the way it went over the t-top. Hurricane rolled through South Carolina yesterday. It survived the severe weather. Well worth the money."

Bill in FL
So far so good

"So far so good! It fits very nicely and was very easy to install. My boat is 23 feet, 9 inches and has a very large hardtop."

Justin in VA

"Elastic band around the entire cover works better than the button and snaps or some of my previous covers."


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Boat Covers Buying Guide

Why Cover Your Boat?

Buying a boat is a major investment. Many boat owners fail to realize the importance of properly protecting their boats when not in use. Exposure to rain, sun, wind, leaves, snow and dirt can seriously damage the exterior and interior of your boat, often resulting in mold growth and washed-out upholstery. A boat cover is an inexpensive necessity for all boat owners.

When looking for a boat cover, you should want a cover that is:

  • Waterproof to repel rain and moisture
  • Breathable to prevent rust, mold and mildew from growing on the interior of your boat
  • Stain-resistant to defend against bird droppings, tree sap, falling leaves and other dirt and grime
  • UV-resistant to deflect harmful UV rays from the sun
  • Tight-fitting to prevent animals and pest from infesting your boat
  • A winter boat cover able to withstand harsh winter weather

When it has these attributes boat covers are a long-standing investment for boat protection. Unlike tarps or shrink-wrap, boat covers can be used over and over again.

About Our Boat Covers

We offer the highest quality boat covers on the market and we offer them at the lowest prices. Made from durable 150, 300, 600 or 1200 denier polyester our covers are available in a variety styles and sizes, our covers are designed to suit almost every boat storage or towing need. We are able to fit hundreds of boats from SeaRay and Bayliners to Trophy and Maxum. Give your boat the protection and care it deserves - especially in the winter.

All Our Boat Covers Feature:

  • 100% waterproof, stain-resistant and UV-resistant materials
  • Breathable material to prevent the growth of rust, mold and mildew
  • Quick release buckles and adjustable heavy-duty straps, so your cover remains taut and secure to your boat
  • Extended manufacturer warranties to guarantee that each boat cover remains durable over time.
  • Non-abrasive inner lining that will not damage your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Free storage pouch so you can store your boat cover when not in use.

We offer a 2 to 7 year manufacturer’s warranty on all of covers for boats, so you can rest assured your boat will be protected year after year. We have a large selection of boat covers for sale, including hard top boat covers and bass boat covers. We ship all boat covers direct from our warehouse, so you can have your cover on your boat as quickly as possible.

Finding the Proper Sized Cover

An ill-fitting boat cover can cause more damage than not having one at all. Oversized covers can rub against the surface of your boat causing scratches and chips in your paint. A cover that is too small for your boat is mostly likely to tear or rip, making the covers protective properties ineffective.

To find the proper sized cover use our innovative boat cover selector above. Simply enter your boat’s make, model and year to find the proper sized cover for you boat. If you do not see your boat’s make, model and year match up the proper shape of your boat to one of the boat style images above. Once you have determined your boat’s shape, you may then select the total length of your boat. If you are having any trouble finding the proper cover be sure to call one of our boat cover experts at  888.872.6855 .

All Your Boat Protection Needs

EmpireCovers is your one stop shop for protecting your boat. We have a wide range of boat cover selections, as well convenient marine accessories that will add further protection to your boat. We also sell high quality bimini tops for boatspontoon boat covers and jet ski covers.